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Fun Accessories for a Flower Girl Dress

The flower girl will play one of the most important roles in your wedding and will undoubtedly draw special attention from guests in attendance. There is a wide variety of adorable accessories to dress your flower girl in that will have her feeling and looking great.

For the most part, the flower girl does not need much in the way of jewelry. Jewelry is not usually considered appropriate for a very young flower girl. Even if you have a slightly older flower girl, between the ages of eight and ten, it is seldom appropriate for them to showcase a great deal of jewelry. For most flower girls, the best accessories are understated.

Flowers and Petals

If your flower girl is planning on carrying a bouquet of flowers, it is a charming addition to have her carry a smaller version of the brides’ bouquet. If you have decided that your flower girl is going to carry a basket of flowers instead, then it is important to decide on the color and style of the basket you want her to use. Generally a white or wicker basket is the best choice for the flower girl to carry. For this part of the wedding procession, note that the flower girl herself is the star of the show, so opt for choosing a basket that is not too eye-catching or over-the-top.

It is also important to strategically choose the flowers that she will be gently scattering on the isle toward the alter. There is an abundance of flowers to choose from, from rose petals to lilies.

Gloves and Shoes

When it comes to shoes for your flower girl, the most important aspect is comfort. While the shoes should be appropriate for the dress, it is crucial for the flower girl to be comfortable so that she will not be unhappy or fussy during the ceremony. Simple ballerina slippers are perfect for a flower girl of any age, and your flower girl will not have to worry about uncomfortable straps or laces.

If your flower girl will be comfortable and happy using gloves, they are also an adorable additive that can complete your flower girl look. Many brides dress their flower girls in gloves if they are wearing gloves as well, in attempts to tie the bridal theme together. Gloves are not usually suitable for very young children.

Younger children might be inclined to tear them off and throw them on the floor halfway through the ceremony if they are bothered by them. However, if your flower girl is old enough to wear gloves, and is enthusiastic about the idea, they make a great accessory and will make her feel more like part of the bridal party. Wrist-length gloves are most appropriate for young girls, and should be chosen in the same color as the dress.

Bows, Ribbons, and Sashes

If you like to use accessories to emphasize a theme or color scheme, then using bows, ribbons, and sashes is a great way to do this for your flower girl. These accessories can look beautiful on most flower girls. A bow or sash accented in the same color as your bridal party is an excellent way to pull together your flower girl’s look to complement the entire bridal party.


Headpieces can be a fun accessory to use for your flower girl. You have an endless array of options when choosing a flower girl’s hair style, and adding a headpiece such as a mini-veil or tiara can only add to the endearing final look. However, many of the accessories that you can use for your flower girl will not be appropriate for your bridesmaids.

A cute tiara or a garland of flowers can look enchanting on a flower girl while making her feel like a very special part of your big day. Try to remember to keep the hairstyle and accessories relatively simple and to not over-do the look. An overly elaborate hairstyle may even make her feel a bit uncomfortable.

Out of the Ordinary

Accessories such as bolero jackets or wraps can look gorgeous on a flower girl, and are ideal for fall and winter weddings where the weather is a little cooler. A knit, satin, lace, or brocade bolero jacket is a great way to accessorize a white or plain-color dress. Make sure to choose a fabric that will not irritate your flower girl’s skin.

There is an abundance of accessories to choose from that will enable your flower girl to appear as the princess that she really is. The right combination of accessories can complete the perfect look of your flower girl and have her feeling and looking great.

Sandy Darson is a freelance writer who writes about weddings, often focusing on a specific aspect of weddings such as flower girl dresses.